Suraj has been associated with us as a leadership coach for over two years. He understands the firm and its offerings well, and has been able to address individual coaching needs in the context of the business ask effectively.  His coaching technique is personalised and customized drawing parallels between business context and development needs for an individual.
He is very approachable and exudes passion in his engagements by delivering more than what is requested. He actively assumes the role of a facilitator, reflector and a guide with his coachees, the validation of which is their success in the organization through various leadership roles they have been able to take on , thus building on a remarkable add to their existing skills with his support.

HR, MNC, Big Four Accounting Firm

I am very satisfied with the coaching that I received from Suraj. It has led me to form new beliefs about the importance of effective networking.

Head (Projects), European MNC – Industrial Gas Sector 

The coaching journey with Suraj was very effective for me. It made me think more about ‘believing in myself’ as a value system which I mostly apply now. I’d not like him to do anything differently if I had to undergo coaching with him again.

Director, Financial Control-Commercial & Private Banking,UK Headquartered Financial Institution

Suraj has helped me in transitioning to a new role of a Partner at my firm. The coaching helped me form new beliefs about myself which I apply now.

Director- Tax & Audit , Big 4 Accounting Firm

My direct reportee (DR) had generally been an introverted person but the coaching space provided by Suraj helped him to open up, introspect and identify the way forward to work on these goals.

After the coaching I have noticed that my DR is working to improve his decision making and gain greater visibility in the organisation. Above all there is a raised level of confidence and self-responsibility in him to introspect and find solutions. This will go a long way in making him a useful resource for the organisation.

Director Projects, European MNC

I met Suraj in the process of executive coaching , he led one of the greatest persons in my team, who needed to develop some points. Suraj was able to understand the needs and then to transform and develop my team members.

The needs understood by Suraj and the way he reformulates that shows the capacity to understand top management needs, international requirements and ability to translate needs from managers to action in his day to day tasks. I strongly recommend some interaction with him.

Director Procurement, India & Middle East Region, French MNC

The objective of the coaching exercise was to identify the development areas from an Executive Presence perspective and to take measures to improve on them for my DR (Direct Reportee). The exercise was oriented towards making an impact, become more presentable and improve overall confidence level. Suraj’s overall approach to coaching was very structured and professional. Based on informal discussions, he was able to identify the key focus areas.

The overall experience was quite good and helped my DR take on a new role and accompanying responsibilities in the Firm.

Senior Partner, Big 4 Accounting Firm

I would like to take this opportunity to enthusiastically endorse Suraj Chaudhry for any executive coaching needs.

Suraj is a great mentor and coach and is committed to helping you achieve whatever goals you set for yourself or for your associates. His area of expertise lies in leadership and senior level intervention program. He is very methodical and flexible in his approach.

HR, French MNC

With Suraj as an executive coach for one of our leadership intervention program, we have found that his advice to our associates was very impactful and helped them change their behavior to change their role in the company. The coaching he has provided on an individual basis has given valuable insight and helped our associates gain perspective in terms of managing relationships, prioritizing, strategic thinking and confidence. Suraj is THE person to go when you need assistance in growing your management team.

HR, European MNC